During a trip to Hong Kong, Room 2 Manoeuvre Artistic Director Tony Mills encountered the talented choreographer and dancer Yip Chan. Tony had an interest in the cross over of dance and sport. Yip loves basketball. It seemed like there was the possibility to collaborate on an idea. Over the course of 2021, Yip (based in Hong Kong) and

Tony (based in Edinburgh, UK) worked remotely and developed the show Alley Oop. 

Dance meets Basketball in Alley Oop, a fun, energetic duet that explores what it takes to bounce back from a fall, leap into the unknown and, when the pressure is on, how we need to work together to make that slam dunk.  Performed for the Imaginate Festival 2021, enjoy the video below.

Choreographed by Tony Mills & Yip Chan

Performed by Tony Mills Gabrielle Bruzzese & Ursula Manandhar

supported by Imaginate Festival, The Brunton & MGC Futures